Montessori Singapore Helps Children Relate to Their World

When children sit in a classroom, they often do not see how numbers and letters connect to the world outside of the classroom. This leads to boredom. Why do they really have to learn this stuff? The biggest success stories come when kids are able to relate what they are learning to the real world. Kind of like saying “please” and “thank you” because it makes other people happy. They will do these things often and then it becomes second nature. School can be the same way. This is why Montessori Singapore strives to help children relate to their world. The end result is outstanding.
How Kids Learn
Consider a curious toddler putting everything in their mouths and trying to touch everything they see. They are fueled by creativity. Everything is an adventure waiting to be experienced. Traditional school environments seem to forget that kids need this type of experience to help them learn. Schools forget that curiosity is what drives young students. It may be curiosity about how something works or how to read their most favorite books. It may be wanting to know how many stuffed animals they have on their shelf. If a child can relate what they are learning to their life, they will be more likely to focus on learning it.
We Are Here to Help
We use a child’s playful curiosity to help them learn all the wonderful things that they can. Beyond that, we show them how it applies to them specifically. How they can put it to use in some way outside of the classroom environment.
It is done through games and social skills with kids that are their age. We do it by allowing them to use their curiosity while being there to answer all of their questions. The end result is having children who are excited to learn, and they will take it upon themselves to learn even more as they grow into adulthood.
You Can Watch Your Child Excel
Even though Montessori Singapore is a program that is designed mostly for preschool-aged kids, the things they learn about their world will stay with them throughout many years. They can carry their curiosity and love of learning well into their middle school years and beyond. We encourage parents to be a part of the experience and learn how to keep it going long after the child leaves our program.

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